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Coos County FERC Scoping Hearing

Sunset Middle School Library and Commons Rooms
245 South Cammann Street
Coos Bay, OR 97420

Scoping hearings are an opportunity for the public to submit oral comments about all of the issues that FERC should consider for the Jordan Cove Project's Draft Environmental Impact Statement. This is your chance to show up, speak up, and voice your concerns about the impacts of this project on Oregon.

Additionally, we must let FERC know that 30 days is not enough time for a scoping period and that hearings should be held in every impacted county. Here are some things to consider when submitting scoping comments at hearings or online:

  • Make sure your comments are substantive. Comments should be void of emotions and feelings around this project and focused on actual impacts, concerns, missing information, new information, and changes in the project. 
  • Let FERC know 30 days is NOT enough time for the public to read thousands of pages of reports to assess what's missing. Request at least a 90-120 day comment period as has been the norm in the past. 
  • Hearings must be pushed back to allow for more public notice. 3 weeks notice isn't enough for a project of this size and interest! It is also important that hearings be held in ALL 4 impacted counties to maximize public participation.

For information and talking points on how to submit comments to FERC online, go to: